A Three-Rex Birthday Party for August

March 18, 2023

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Our baby August is three years old already! Hard to believe, but here we are. He’s been excited about his birthday for months. So his party has been a long time coming. I decided to do a three-rex party theme because he loves dinosaurs (and I found cute party plates online).

August has been talking about his “dinosaur birthday” since Jude’s birthday in December. I love seeing him get excited, plus recently he’s started saying “that makes me happy” in the cutest little toddler voice, which melts my heart and makes it really hard not to spoil him.

For food we made a dinosaur cake and had additional cupcakes with tiny plastic dinosaurs on top. We also served “herbivore cups” which were a bunch of sliced veggies in a cup with ranch dressing. There were “dino dirt cups” which were pudding cups with Oreo dirt, and a fruit tray shaped into a dinosaur. The main food was a bunch of pizzas we picked up from Casey’s.

Augie loved helping set the table with his “dino party things” and was very into making sure the party favors were full of fun goodies.

We did a dinosaur pinata this year, which was Augie’s first experience with a pinata – it was a huge hit. He had a great birthday and wouldn’t stop talking about for weeks after. He still asks to watch the little video I made of the day quite frequently. My mom always did super fun birthday parties for me when I was little and I have such fond memories of them – I’m glad I get to the same for my kiddos!

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