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March 24, 2024

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Tom Lake by Ann Patchett

Entertaining enough, the story followed a mother telling the story of dating a famous actor in her youth to her now three adult daughters. It takes place during the pandemic, when all three girls are back home on their family cherry farm in northern Michigan. No real surprises or suspense, but a semi-entertaining story.

Spare by Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex

I was a fan of the Crown on Netflix so I thought I’d give Prince Harry’s book a listen on audiobook. Not sure how I felt about it, but I did finish it wondering why there is even still a monarchy in 2024… I don’t think that was his aim, but once a fan of watching the occasional royal event, now I’m wondering why they’re even still a thing. To be more fair to him, I don’t think anyone who hasn’t ever been under media scrutiny could ever relate.


Fourth Wing

It seems like this was the favorite book in my corner of the internet. And it turned out to be a pretty good read. It was definitely a fantastical romance type book, with dragons, magic powers, evil creatures and star-crossed lovers.


Iron Flame

This was the sequel to Fourth Wing and it was pretty fast paced, especially towards the end. A LOT happens in this book. I was so disappointed with the ending, but then I learned that Maas plans to write two more books in the series and that made more sense.

The Hypnotist’s Love Story


On Our Best Behavior

Hunt, Gather, Parent

After the Ivory Tower Falls


A Court of Thorns and Roses Series


Winter Garden

Lessons in Chemistry


In Defense of Food

This is Your Mind on Plants


The Proposal

Nine Perfect Strangers

The State of Affairs


A Journey of Souls

Such a Fun Age


No Happy Endings

Looking for Alaska

How to Change Your Mind


We’ll Always Have Summer

It’s Not Summer Without You

A River Enchanted


My Brilliant Friend


A Marriage Portrait

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