A Two-shi Sushi Party for my Jude!

January 3, 2024

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My baby is two (somehow)! To celebrate we threw a two-shi sushi party just before Christmas. He was very excited for his birthday (although not as excited as August already is for his) and I think he had a great time partying it up! I didn’t take many photos, so enjoy some blurry photos from the videos I took instead!

I found this Sushi Train to decorate the table since Jude is super into trains at the moment. I also got a Sushi Boat and Sushi Bridge to use as decoration/food display. Pinterest was full of cute faux sushi ideas, like rice crispy and candy sushi, fruit sushi, veggie sushi, and pb&j sushi – which were cute, but we also got some good ol’ Casey’s pizzas to feed the crowd.

I made our traditional birthday hat banners with Jude’s face for keepsakes, and got a few balloons and called it good for decorations. I did want to make a sushi piñata, but ran out of time and ended up painting some rough sushi onto a baby Grogu one I found at Party City – it worked!

Jude loved running around with all of the kids and being the center of attention when it came time to blow out the candles. He LOVED all of the toys he got and stayed up way past his bedtime playing happily with them. I’m so grateful to all of our family and friends for coming out to celebrate our kiddos – I love having big birthday parties for them and hope the tradition continues for many years!

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