‘Macatawa Shores’ Collection: Works on Canvas Inspired by Our Family Vacation

November 26, 2023

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This summer we went on a family vacation to Macatawa, Michigan. We rented an airbnb near the beach and slowed wayyyyy down for a week. August and Jude had a fantastic time playing on the beach and I enjoyed the slightly cooler weather. We napped on the porch while it rained, jumped off the dunes, met up with old friends, played in the sand, waded in the water, and ate some delicious blueberry and cherry pie. The boys loved every second just as much as I did. I packed my painting supplies and did a little sketching while were there.

After I returned I decided to paint a few more paintings inspired by some photos from our trip. I decided to play around with my acrylics and neopastels for this mini series. I was inspired by the moody skies, green beach grass, and the pink of my son’s sweatshirt that he wore most of this trip – it will forever make me think of this wonderful week.

The Macatawa Shores Collection will be available on December 8th at noon CST! Use code MACATAWA for 10% your order. Hope you enjoy!

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