August’s First Birthday Party

July 1, 2021

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First trip around the sun – August is one! The last few months before Augie turned one have been a whirlwind. He has grown and learned so much in such a short amount of time. I was hoping to have a big celebration for his first birthday, but with Covid vaccines going very slowly here in Iowa we decided to play it safe and just do a little party with family.

I decided the theme for his party would be “Augie’s first trip around the sun”. We ordered some fun space themed cookies and I painted an abstract “orbital” design on a drop cloth to use as decoration.

For the cake I used a recipe from the Sweet Laurel Cookbook. She has a ton of wonderful recipes that use natural substitutes for sugar. I tried the classic birthday cake recipe with the coconut frosting. August didn’t end up smashing his cake, but he also didn’t come up for air! He just kind of sucked a decent sized chunk off the edge of it.

To start off a birthday tradition for our family, I made a Waldorf birthday crown for Augie to wear every year on his birthday. It had been a while since I broke out the needle felting so it was a bit of a learning curve for me- hopefully he will appreciate it when he’s older!

While it was a small gathering, everyone had so much fun watching Augie eat his cake and play with his gifts. It got me really excited for all of our future family birthdays and traditions together.

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